Art Every Day Month – Week 1

Ah, the zentangle….at least my interpretation of them. I hope to do a class with a certified zentangle teacher after the first of the year, as i have learned that there are some set patterns that help you “zen” out. But I have been enjoying my version of them – trying to do one a day for the month of November – Art Every Day Month.

Herewith my doodles for the first week – have started experimenting with some color (less is more for me) and some shading – which I just can’t resist.

I am looking forward to putting some of these into Photoshop and see what happens. Here’s the link to last year’s zentangles: here, and here, and here, and here, and here.

Anyone else out there trying this? Anyone doing Art Every Day Month?

2 Responses to “Art Every Day Month – Week 1”

  • Leah:

    Great zentangles! You can search #aedm2010 to see others who are doing the challenge. Or just check the daily check-in post on my blog to see the folks who are checking in every day!

  • Thanks, Leah – these are a lot of fun to do, and I am considering some more formal training. And I do appreciate aedm – love seeing what people are doing!

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