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You can find our fiber and digital work in the following locations: (and we’re growing…..)

Ebay: if you need to see what you are buying, we have new items every week, listed each Sunday morning. Mostly this is where you can find our remnant packages and marbled fabrics left over from commission work and other marbling sessions.

Etsy: as we build our Etsy store, you will find a different variety: art pieces, from small to large; individual pieces of larger fabrics, like fat quarters; more linen, silk, and silk crepe; marbled papers, usually 9 x 12 inches; digital marbling (TN) notecards; and no doubt some unusual pieces as they develop. Usually we list something new each week (at least that’s the goal). This is a good spot for shopping for gifts.

The Art of Fabric: our main website…it’s hard to believe we have been on line since 1998, through several versions of the website. Our Gallery gives you a variety of artwork, much of it long sold in private collections, but you can get an idea of the scope of our work. This is also the only place you can order Sampler Packages for different sizes of marbled fabrics. With a Sampler, we can marble in some of the color families you are interested in.

Sampler Package 1: assorted colors and patterns. Eight 6 x 9 inch hand-marbled swatches on 100% white pima cotton. Perfect for piecing, appliqué, patchwork, scrapbooking, wearable art. You get a variety of marbled colors and patterns so you get a “taste” of this wonderful art form.

Sampler Package 2: assorted colors and patterns. Four 18 x 22 inch hand-marbled fat quarters on 100% white pima cotton for a great stash builder. Available in the following color ways: volcano reds/oranges; underwater blues and greens; deep woods browns and greens, and pinks/purples. Perfect for some serious quilting.

Sampler Package 3: assorted colors and patterns. Eight 10 x 10 inch hand-marbled squares on 100% pima cotton, for those larger block patterns you want to create. Perfect for piecing, appliqué, patchwork, scrapbooking, wearable art.

Applique Package 1: for those of you who do traditional appliqué of flowers and baskets. A fat quarter of browns for baskets, 1 fat quarter of greens for leaves, and five 6 x 9 inch swatches for flowers. All hand-marbled from 100% pima cotton.

Our Blog: Marbled Musings. Mostly daily writings on life, creativity, marbling, new items, commission works in progress, and whatever happens to be important!

Our Facebook Fan Page: Lots of short-term sales, information about marbling, videos each week…and more.

The Textile and Fiber Art List (TAFA): rapidly becoming THE online place for all things fiber and textile. The Textile and Fiber Art List is a membership organization of fiber artists and textile businesses on the web. TAFA showcases member portfolios through its website, provides access to larger markets, offers access to business resources and fosters community. Spend some time browsing – you will not be disappointed.

Cafe Press: this is “in the works.” Would love to hear from those of you with free accounts on Cafe Press, as well as store accounts, as we look to build a very different line of gifts.

Twitter: never know what’s going to go up as a tweet! @ArtsyLindaMoran

7 Responses to “Find Us”

  • Ace Tobak:

    Heh- where in the US are you 2? am I going to get a chance to see ya? email or call
    512.767.3202— love A

  • We’re in western OK headed to Albuquerque and then home to Tucson this trip. Bypassing Austin for now – maybe later this summer. Will call when we get home. Linda

  • Kay Crandall:

    Linda – I answered the e-mail you sent this morning (just hit the reply button) and when I checked my mail just now it was back in my mailbox as “user unknown” – thought it might be a mistake so I sent it again (to the same address) and 2 seconds later got it back again as undeliverable. Thought you might like to know that e-mails are not getting through to your address. When you get this, why don’t you give me a call – 520-572-9804 and we can talk about your November 3 program details. Kay

  • Robin:

    I represent a major sewing machine company and we would like to discuss displaying some of your work. Please let us know where we can reach you by phone.

  • Christiane:

    How can I buy some of your gorgeous marbled fabric?

    is it possible to buy two different 1/2 yard pieces? what is the price.
    thanks so much

  • Ross and Karen:

    My wife and I are interested in starting a marbling business that would need to be “portable” going from very busy flea markets to another. We are novices. Other than getting the necessary instructions on how to do this….what are the costs for doing this as a business? What kinds of supplies etc would we need and is it feasible? We saw it being done at a local festival and did one ourselves. We are in florida and newly retired and would like do possibly do this as a hobby/business shoosing which days and flea markets we want to enter. Can you give us some practical advice? Also could you recommend a good book or DVD for us to buy?


    Ross and Karen Amico

  • We are looking for a marbler to teach at our 34th Annual International Calligraphy Conference in Sonoma California, July 25 – August 1, 2015. Can you please get in touch with me as soon as possible?


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