52 Sparks – Week 4 – Aloneness

This was an interesting question this week: How do you feel when you are by yourself?

I spend a huge amount of time time by myself, usually working on something artistic. It seems like I have always been by myself growing up…and yet, you can never be by yourself when you have a good book. And that is still true.

But I never had a lot of friends. I am quite the introvert, so moving to something artistic just seemed a natural. I think my introversion became even stronger, given my position in a family of extroverts, coupled with emotional abuse. So I am accustomed to being by myself. My husband and I do most everything together – we are each other’s best friend. The fact that we can – and do – work at art together is a great plus for us.

I can remember my dad asking me how I was, one time when he came to visit. I said I was lonely. I did a lot of things by myself, and I could always read, but I think it was more a case of seeing friends with others of the opposite sex, and I would wonder what was wrong with me. I finally decided if I was going to be single, then it would not keep my from doing whatever I wanted to do.  Alone can be very good – I get a lot of work done on fiber pieces, a lot of planning. Especially with retirement. So when I do have “alone” time, I plan projects or lose myself in a good book.

So since I haven’t started something new, I decided to try a “whole cloth” quilt because of the class I’m taking on Craftsy with Cindy Needham. I had the really great stencil from about 12 years ago…..I finally found where I had “stored” it. I pulled a green piece with some interesting tonal print to see what would happen. Here’s the latest “in progress:”

Of course, most of the yellow marker has already rubbed off…….

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  • I’m also signed up and taking Cindy Needham’s class, but have to confess that I haven’t visited it since I returned to work after the New Year holiday. I’m also in the Art Quilts Around the World group, and had that challenge to work on, along with about 100 other UFO’s! My dream is to do a wholecloth quilt and enter it into a quilt show, I hope to get that checked off my list by this summer. How far along are you on this quilt shown here? I’d love to see how you’re doing on it.

  • Hi Laura – I’m about a third done, and I’m kind of at a stand-off with some background work. Plus the sewing tension lately has been making me nuts! I’m going to post the quilt on the class site and ask Cindy for a couple of ideas. I got my Art Quilt challenge quilt up before, after the computer stopped acting up. And lots of other loose ends, but I’m kind of at a “fed up with the list” mood right now!

  • Linda, I truly love being alone. Especially if I can block out the noise of the world. Just me and my thoughts.

  • I agree – I just need to be sure I don’t turn in to a hermit – it would be very easy to do! But when I have a good book – nothing gets in my way!

  • On weekends, when I don’t have to get out and go to work, I tend to stay in and not want to venture out for ANYTHING. Since I live alone, there are some things you absolutely have to go get, like dog food, or groceries when pretty much everything is gone, but thank god for the internet and on-line ordering for things like thread, batting, and fabric!

  • I agree – when I was working full time, I always needed down time to myself on a weekend! But yeah, sometimes we just have to go out! I now live right behind a quilt store – one of the best in Tucson – that I can walk to…….so I can get away from the computer, do some exercise, and still indulge myself!

  • Susan Strode:

    Hi, Where can I get a large stencil like yours? It’s beautiful. I also took Cindy Needham’s class, twice, so far. She is amazing!

  • Susan – this is an old stencil I bought probably about 10 years ago – it’s by Pepper Cory. I’ve always loved it! Here’s the link to the stencil – it’s the lower right.


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