52 Sparks, Week 2 – Appreciation vs. Approval, Plus FMQ

 This week of 52 Sparks had a really interesting question that I pondered a bit. The question: How do you appreciate yourself? I had to think long and hard about this one. I think I was confusing appreciation with approval, and it took me the longest time over the years to not worry about family approval. I needed to start appreciating me for me, and what I did and succeeded at because I was pleased, not someone else…..kinda rambling, but I hope it makes sense.

Appreciation: I go for walks to think about what I’m doing, I take time off to read – some times days at a time to just immerse myself in some books. Mostly, though, I appreciate myself by giving myself free rein to make art. And with retirement, I am taking more time to appreciate what I’m learning and creating. In fact, three new commissions over this week. It is just so delightful to quilt away for hours (with the occasional back break) and see the progress.

That said, here’s what happened with art this week. Last time I had the stencil traced on to the green fabric in preparation for my first whole quilt. Now all I need to do is square it off and bind it. I LOVE IT!!!! I NEVER thought I would be able to free motion a whole cloth. Yay me!

So here they are – better pics when the binding is finished.

 All are Superior Threads, Bottom Line in bobbin, Silk Kimono in background, and Fantastic variegated in the design.


6 Responses to “52 Sparks, Week 2 – Appreciation vs. Approval, Plus FMQ”

  • Beautiful! congratulations on your free motion. I’ve just started practicing again–doing 3 bobbins a day. Just practice for now to get accustomed to the coordination of machine speed and moving the fabric.

    Hope to get some pics on my blog soon.

  • Thanks, Angie! I’m going to have to wind more bobbins ahead of time!! I’m looking forward to seeing your work. Post soon!!

  • I’ve never tried Superior Threads, my machine seems to only like a few (Aurifil, Isacord, Madeira) and I tend to stick with them. I really like how you did the pebbles in a darker thread, makes them recede. When I sit down to FM, I usually wind about 4-5 bobbins to have on hand, nothing makes me crazy like having to stop and wind one right in the middle of sewing! This looks wonderful, it really is fun once you decide to like Free Motion, isn’t it?

  • I went to the School of Threadology, sponsored by Superior, and I fell in love with their threads, and learned LOADS about thread, tension, and my machine. I haven’t tried Aurifil or Isacord, but I know a lot of folks swear by them. I need to try them, because they might be easier to get in a pinch, rather than ordering from Superior. And yes, you’re right – once you decide to like free motion, there is no turning back! THe dark thread I used was Silk Kimono from Superior – mostly texture as opposed to seeing stitches. I’m taking your advice to do about four bobbins as I start a new piece……I do need to buy a lot more empty ones!

  • My LQS sells Aurifil in basic colors like grey, silver, black, white & beige, so it’s readily available when I NEED it (even though the store is about 25 miles away, it’s doable in an emergency!) The Isacord is something I tried when they were out of Aurifil once, and it was about half the price and sewed on my machine wonderfully. But it has a slight sheen so I don’t like using it all the time. A couple of years ago I was just buying spools of Coats & Clark, are we both now “thread snobs”? It really does make a difference for free motion quilting!

  • There are worse things than thread snobs! I think we should wear the label proudly! I will try the Aurifil, and I know Leah Day swears by Isacord…..so maybe that’s in my future! It’s just that I have such good luck with Superior. Have you tried their new Magnifico and Fantastico? They sew like a dream – but they do have sheen. I have a great use for the old C&C – unravel them between sheets of washable stabilizer, and then cut them into shapes after you have free-motioned all over them – great effect!

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