Lesson 4 – Eye Painting

I’m finishing up lesson 4 in Photoshop from myJanee.com. This is on red-eye and pet eye. The iPhoto program on my Mac has a red-eye function, but my CS doesn’t, so I went to the painting way of fixing the red-eye. Interesting, to say the least. I think this would have beeen neater, had I not already done some adjusting on the photo over vacation before I knew about preserving layers and saving as psd.

Here’s the son of a very close friend, with typical red-eye.

And here’s Tucker with the eye correction.

This is an interesting process. I had trouble controlling the brush with all the pixels zoomed in. I’m thinking it’s because the photo was already a jpg and missing details. I can also see other uses for this process.

Now on to lesson 5!

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