Work in Progress – More FMQ

Sewing sewing sewing…lots of thinking and planning and actual sewing. Loose ends galore, but I am slowly working through them. I don’t have enough projects, so I took apart a second Christmas quilt I made when I was practicing rotary cutting and piecing from either Better Homes and Gardens or American Quilting. I pulled it how for the decorations, but the quilting is appalling, given what I know now, so I took it all apart one night. This time I was smart enough to take a “before” picture. The lighting is off, as the top portion is as white as the bottom part.

One of the things I learned in doing this quilt is that we have borders for a reason. When I did the layout, I was surprised to see that I had unwittingly planned the stars on a white and a beige, and everything went together perfectly. It looked fine to me, I didn’t think I needed a border. Once I got the binding on, the quilt just looked so unfinished. Since all the Christmas fabrics are out again, I know I can get some more of the red and green that will be the same tones. I also don’t like the backing – too “dull” in color, and doesn’t really work with the reds and greens. So this goes on the list.

I took advantage of the sales on classes at Craftsy, and I bought two of them: Cindy Needham and Jane Dunnewold. I am five lessons through Cindy’s already, and it has been more than worth the money – learned loads so farm, and as I progress, I will have several quilts that I can practice on.

Including the two dresser scarves to complete the set in our bedroom. I started the long oneĀ  on one end, planning to do a lot of experimentation. So I used some Razzle Dazzle thread in the bobbin and did a complete stencil in the middle of that fat quarter. Not bad. Then I was thinking about how to finish off this one-third. I squared off the stencil motif and did a small decorative stitch around the stencil. Wasn’t happy with it, so I made the decorative stitch larger and went around again. It certainly stabilized the quilt. The I decided to do a variation of a tangle, with curved criss-crosses. Biggest lesson? Space the lines further apart…..this is going to take a while to finish….Here’s progress so far.

It will be good to use these scarves to practice all the FMQ patterns that Cindy will be showing. And then I have this “portrait” project to work on….and the pattern….and the list goes on…..

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  • I’m taking Cindy needham’s class on craftsy, too. My goal is to eventually do a wholecloth quilt and enter it in a show, it scares me just to think of that! What is Razzle Dazzle thread? it sounds fun to work with! You must be doing the sewcalgal challenges, too, I recognize some of the techniques you are using! I’ve learned not to make lines too close, too, because it tends to make whatever it is you’re making really stiff.

  • Hi Laura -sorry for the delay in responding…’s been a rough couple of weeks. First, Razzle Dazzle is a special bobbin thread from Superior Threads. They have lots of colors. I used it on the green in the circle of feathers. All of the Superior Threads are wonderful. Isn’t Cindy’s class amazing? I have one lesson still to look at, and I am going to try cathedral windows on the next part of my dresser scarf. I do think I could attack a whole cloth quilt with the right fabric – wish I had even 10 percent of Cindy’s stencils! I will miss the fmq challenges – I have learned so much, and now thinking about the quilting is becoming my favorite part of the quilt!Thanks again for reading!

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