Playing Around with Photoshop

On the way to the chiropractor’s yesterday, there was this beautiful tree in bloom with all these gorgeous white blossoms. No idea what the tree is, but it reminds me of the ornamental pear trees in Maryland, that would always signal spring was finally here. Well, this is the desert – white trees, genista in bloom, and African daisies started in many yards.

One of the joys of the new camera is the ability to snap a pic whenever I want to – like this tree. Since I haven’t done much with Photoshop later, I figured it was time to try out a few filters and see what I liked.

This was the basic shadow adjustment – I like what it does to the bark – lightens it considerably, so it seems truer to what the tree actually looked like.

This is the posterize filter, which I haven’t used before. I like the “artistic” feel what it does to the sky. The bricks have some interesting texture to them now.

This is an inversion filter. For some reason I am really taken with the inversions and the black/white effects. This makes it look very stormy.

This is the “find edges” filter, and I like the drawing effect of this one. You can see all the line elements in the photo. I’d like to try coloring this one, or using some gradients on it.

I have fallen in love with the “extrude” filter – you get some really interesting effects without losing everything that makes up the photo.  I’ll end up playing with this some more.
Lots coming up in the next two weeks – I need to get lots of fiber pieces ready for the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Festival – need to get labels, signatures – loose ends that I just haven’t dealt with up until now. A very busy two weeks ahead!
If you live in Southern Arizona and are reading this, email me and I’ll send you a coupon for the show, March 6 and 7 at PCC Northwest.

5 Responses to “Playing Around with Photoshop”

  • Anne Huskey-Lockard:

    The posterize setting really looks great on that. Usually when I use it, well, it looks like a hippie poster from the acid-ages….LOL!!!
    I guess it helps to know what you're doing!
    Am happy someone has blooms somewhere in this country!!!


  • Ces:

    A new toy! Yes! I love new toys. I wish I had Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop but I am afraid I may never do any house chore ever again. Thank you for visiting. I remember your blog. I have been here several times in the past. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. Take care.

  • Megan:

    Linda, I love that last one you did. Looks almost like part of a crystal with all of the spokes coming out from the tree. Not sure if that makes sense! But, wanted to check out your blog and see what you had going on! Glad I did.

  • Linda Moran:

    Thanks, Megan! That's the extrude filter on Photoshop and it does give some interesting effects. I have a friend getting ready to launch her website, and she is using that filter on her pics of the Bilbao Museum to some extremely spectacular renderings. Thanks for visiting!!

  • Anonymous:

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