GiveawayGiveawayGiveawayGiveawayGiveawayGiveawayGiveawayGiveaway! I’ve done 400 Blog posts – who knew I could keep going this long! I hated journaling as a kid, but with the advent of the computer, my writing took off. Now I love keeping track of and processing life.

When I started, the blog was solely a place to record my Photoshop work, as I was taking an online class and needed a place to dump my work. I started January 20, 2007, and I was so pleased with my ability to even set up a blog to begin with. And…if you’re interested, you can see the very first thing I actually created with Photoshop here. I periodically go back and look at the earlier posts to remind myself (when nothing seems to be working in Photoshop) that I really have come a LONG way.

These are some of my more favorite posts:

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Over the years I have met some wonderful folks through blogging and the accompanying social media, for which I am very grateful. Staying in touch with other creative souls is such joy. So to say thank you, hubby and I have put together an assortment of goodies, most related to marbling, but the occasional nod to the math geek in me.

Now to be eligible for the giveaway – you need to subscribe to our new newsletter. I am exploring a brand new format to our monthly newsletter (which has been “yearly” for the last three years), complete with pics and video about marbling. Subscribe and I promise you won’t be disappointed (and if you are, you can unsubscribe…). Just fill in your email on the box to the right of this entry. You have till July 13 to subscribe, and then I will use the Random Generator to choose a subscriber. Feel free to let others know about the giveaway.

Giveaway Goodies

Now let me explain what you could receive (and the pic is just a sample – not everything is photographed):

* A remnant package of 100% pima cotton, hand-marbled with assorted colors and patterns – 6 pieces.

* Three postcards for mixed media collage of digital marbling (TN).

* A few pieces of marbled papers, again for collage.

* A 10% Off coupon for anything on our website.

* A Polynomial Quilt Pattern, which would make a great present for the math teacher in your life, if not for you!

* 14 small pieces (about 2 x 5 inches) of some heavy-weight colored (not marbled) silk, again for collage or some crazy quilting or piecing – it’s all for your imagination!

* A set of digital marbled notecards (four cards, with envelopes)

So – it’s up to you now – the count-down to July 13 begins….sign up and spread the word!

20 Responses to “GIVEAWAY!!!!”

  • Hi–

    So nice to hear from you again.

  • Yes! Yes! I signed up for the newsletter and pleeeeeeeze put me in the draw!
    Wonderful stuff you have there, and boy you really HAVE been burning the candle at both ends girl!
    Take a break to breathe now and then…. 😉


  • Mary:

    You really have a hand at marbling! Very nice detail, great color combos. I am looking forward to your newsletter.

  • Thanks for the generous giveaway!!!

  • Marcia W.:

    Well, I tried to signup for your newsletter about 6 times with error messages from constant contact. Mainly web site not available or http error messages. I would like to be in your drawing. As a retired math teacher and quilter that polynomial quilt pattern and the crazy quilt fabrics caught my quirky eye. Would you be able to sign me up for your newsletter? Thanks.

  • THank you, Mary!! We do have a great time doing the marbling together!

  • Penny, you are very welcome! We like for people to use our fabrics!

  • Marcia, consider it done! I will also be talking with Constant Contact about the error message. I will sign you up within the hour. I won’t be a “retired” math teacher for another three years, but I still find myself creating the polynomial quilts, just to see how they would lookQ I would be interested in how you think I could maybe show negative numbers…..

  • I’ve done marbling on fabric before. But I am curious about digital marbling. Your giveaway has a great selection of bits and pieces which would get used up rather quickly here.

  • donna:

    Hey! I’m just returning to my love for sewing and quilting and soo excited!…I am beginning to build my stash of fabrics and am having a blast!…Looking forward to learning alot from your blog….thank you

  • I hope I can help out! I spent some time on my birday adding to my stash!!

  • Digital marbling (we have a trade name) is taking a piece of marbled fabric, scanning it, and then manipulating it in Photoshop. If you check the main page of the website,, the slide show on the left is a combination of fabric marbling and digital marbling. What I like is that I can get a lot more enjoyment out of one piece of fabric, especially if it gets sold!

  • teri:

    Looks like a great bunch of treasures … I would love to be the lucky winner!

  • Thanks! Whoever wins can have a lot of fun!!

  • Susan Howes:

    Hi Linda,

    What a treasure of a Giveaway!!
    I am always looking for new creative techniques to learn.

    I have signed up for your news letter as well.

    Thank you so much!!

    Art of Mine

  • Thanks, Susan – whoever wins should have a lot of fun! And we can always make more…..I plan to put more up on the Fan page on techniques.

  • This is a great giveaway! Please enter me.
    Congratulations on 400 Blog Posts!!
    I have signed up for the newsletter.
    Thanks so much.

  • It is so nice to meet you and your amazing works. I am so excited to be in this giveaway ….I love the flow of magical colors in marbling. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  • Thanks for the kind words, Audrey! Great quotes on your blog, and I too miss Renee and Gypsy. Linda

  • Thanks for the kind words, Mary Helen! Can you give me more info about “CSI Forensic Investigation Art workshop”? This sounds very cool!

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