Creativity – When Does It Strike?

Marbled Paper

Sometimes creativity hides in the closet, buried beneath all those boxes of supplies and half-completed projects. Sometimes you are so focused on other business-related things that creativity is lost from view. I’ve spent so much time over the last two weeks working on business-related tasks that I haven’t made anything, art or not. So this weekend I took a break from the computer.

Friday was my birthday, and our local quilt store gives you a discount that is half your age. So I bought a new book for inspiration, and of course a bunch of fabric. I saved the equivalent of another book, but couldn’t quite convince hubby of the benefits of my buying yet another one….

I had been in the store on Wednesday, and when I realized I would be entitled to a birthday discount, I put the plastic away and waited. In those two days I decided exactly what I would do with that set of 16 fat eighths all in blacks – I needed a new purse, and I already had the clothesline, so I could wrap my way to a new bag…which is what I did on Saturday and Sunday while watching television.

Wrapping clothesline is very satisfying, as you watch the pile of rope build up. Sunday morning I headed to the sewing machine to start framing the bag. I used a beginning measurement from the pattern book and I was on my way. I don’t want anything fancy, just something different from the same-ole same-ole black purse I carry. At this point I have the bag almost to the height I want it, and now I am thinking abut finishing it off, what to use for handles, and how to make the shoulder strap. And it feels good to be at the sewing machine again.

This was an important lesson. Since I make art, and that’s what makes my heart zing, I need to make sure I don’t let all the “other stuff” get in the way. Yes, I am trying to build my business this summer, by getting updated web work and marketing plans done before school starts again, but I can’t let a lot of time go by – I have to at least take some time each day – even if it’s only wrapping clothesline in front of the TV – to make sure I feed that part of my soul. Plus – I wanna carry the new bag….


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