Sunday Sampler

It’s Sunday, the end of one week, and yet it’s the start of another – Sundays during the school year are spent doing lesson plans and marking papers – I’m usually too tired to do anything on a Saturday but relax and sleep. Housework? Not on the agenda…..hardly ever…..

I’ve been trying to think of something earth-shattering – or at least exciting – to write about, but nothing comes to mind. I haven’t hemmed pants yet (only three weeks since cutting them), done any sewing or handwash – I’ve been spending most of my time sleeping, trying to get rid of whatever has hit me yet again.

I need to look at some of the work we have created, so I think I’ll just load up some eye candy….

Really scrumptious white denim as the base.

More denim…
Denim again…
Red silk….

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