Friday 5 – Brain Fried….

There is so much going around in my head today, between school starting again in two weeks, projects unfinished, next steps for the business, planning a new algebra class….My kids have learned about brain farts – when your brain just isn’t engaged with your mouth. We all know about brain freezes. Now I’m coping with fried brain…..How do you know?

1. You can’t even think about making a list of things to do. There’s too much going on in your mind.

2. You  still have three lists left from the past month, each one with additions to them as you think about more stuff. It’s like it never ends.

3. You started thinking about lists of holiday gifts – and it’s only a day away from August…4 and a half months away…….

4. You can’t move in your studio with the projects you have going, and yet you want to head to the quilt/craft store for mor ideas…and perhaps anther project…..

5. The dust bunnies have become a legion of warriors, creeping up your list of things to do…almost making it into the priority column.

I’m thinking about the post last Thursday on niche marketing and the very last item…make a new plan. That is what I have to do – sit down with some quiet time and think about what has to happen next. How will I be most productive with the next week?

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