Art Every Day Month – Art Walking

This weekend has been Open Studios weekend in Tucson, sponsored by the Tucson Pima Arts Council.I was busy with a quilt class yesterday, learning foundation piecing with Judy Niemeyer patterns, so we saved today to travel around town. We have an appointment next weekend to show our work for potential gallery placement, so the first stop today was very positive. Decent location, relatively new, but looks to have dedicated owners. The problem is the $100 minimum per month for your space…..

We discovered an area downtown that is old factories converted to studios. Never knew they were there. Lots of artists, mostly paintings, but really funky studios. Met Stu Jenks, whose work very much reminds me of Andy Goldsworthy. If you have not seen Rivers and Tides, then get it – absolutely fabulous! I want to own some of his books of photography of his nature sculptures. Anyway, this is one of Stu’s images:

He has a new book coming out with fascinating nature photography. You need to peruse his website – great eye candy.

I have been sewing up a storm – with relatively little pulling out of stitches, which is good, since I’m working with paper. Class yesterday was kind of frustrating, as I wasn’t making huge progress, but I am definitely pleased with how I decided to change around my color placement. And I discovered how I could use some fat quarters rather than half-yards to increase the fabric choices I can use.

Reading some good books – got a new book at the quilt shop on digital imaging in quilts, and I am already ahead of the game with some of the things I am doing. Lots of new ideas to work with – just need the time!

Got the lesson plans done early, two sets of papers scored, but still more papers to do. And…I have to go through my emails – loads of answers needed to friends!

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