Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

The last quilt museum I had been to was the New England Quilt Museum with my AP class, who moaned and groaned about having to see quilts, but then fell in love with the quilts. This was a small museum, with two exhibits – Star quilts, including one by Jan Krentz, a quilt artist, that was quite nice. The primary exhibit was the latest quilts by Ellen Anne Eddy – oh my….talk about goose bumps…..

I have been following her quilts for about 12 years now, ever since I first “met” her on the QuiltArt list. I really think she has been responsible for quilt artists beginning to do much more thread embellishment. There were 15 quilts there, each one breathtaking, when you examine all the details – dyed lace, beads, threads galore, Quite the visual feast. What was so exciting was the epiphany that I could do even more with the marbled fabric than I had been thinking about. Dean and I both kept saying, “Oh, we could use a blue thread here” and so on. There are two spots in the glacier piece with some significant white that I had been worried about, but now I am going to use some lace to add texture to that particular spot.

I ended up buying her first book, Thread Magic, republished again by Quilting Arts LLC. I can definitely see moving in some additional directions with our fabric – beyond the stones and beads that are relatively new.

Ellen’s website:

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