On Vacation…

This is the first tme in a lot of years we have been able to get out of town for an extended time and not have to worry about anything. We headed to Golden, Colorado to see all the great neices and nephews and had a great time with family. Two years ago we discovered the joys of audio books to get us through the same ole desert drive. Santa Fe is beautiful, as usual, but the drive north to Denver was full of traffic and construction. Pueblo and Colorado Springs have grown tremendously. But Golden seems to have retained much of the small time charm.

We went to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum (more later), had lunch by the river, went swimming with the kiddos (I am no longer a water slide virgin, but was I sore….), toured the Coors plant (Always remember your ABC’s – Always buy cases, always buy cold, always buy Coors), and went up Lookout Mountain where Buffalo Bill Cody is buried. The view to the west is fabulous, as you begin to see the ruggedness of moving from the Foothills into the mountains themselves. It was a pretty overcast day, but still a great view.

How can I forget Tiny Town? We took the kiddos to this mini town just for kids – lots of large doll houses in the woods that are replicas of actual hstoric buildings. Gracie and Gavin had a ball crawling through them – Jake and Gabby just wanted to eat, so not real restful for their mommies!

This is an area definitely to explore again – lots of monuments along the Santa Fe Trail, lots of parks, and I would love to explore the areas of Colorado Springs again. We’ll definitely be heading back.

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