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I’d like to post a reminder here for readers about the Art from the HeART Project and its current push to get 50 works of art on the site by January, in time for remembrances of the January 8 shooting victims in Tucson. Please consider creating a work of art that speaks to peace and kindness, in any size and any medium.

Submission Guidelines

You are about to embark on an artistic endeavor to help change our world. I firmly believe that each one of us can be an instrument of change, regardless of how small. Please join us in creating art to heal our wounds.

Art From the HeART: Healing Hatred, Promoting Peace

An Online Exhibit to Counter Hatred in the United States and Foster Peace in the World

In Memory of: Lives lost and changed forever in the shootings at 10:11 AM on January 8, 2011 in Tucson, Arizona.

Who: Any artist who wishes to express his/herself about the growing problem of hatred, hate speech, discrimination, prejudice, and political vitriol in the United States. Any artist who wishes to express his/herself about the need for peace and nonviolence from our neighborhoods to the planet.

What: an online exhibit, complete with process descriptions, of art designed to bring attention to the growing problems of hatred and violence in the United States, as well as the need for peace and nonviolence on the planet.

When: starting as soon as possible and continuing until such time as violence and hatred are no longer problems within the United States or the world.

Organizers: Linda Moran, digital and fiber artist, Tucson, AZ; S. L. Drury, digital and fiber artist, Sedona, AZ; Anne Huskey-Lockard, mixed media artist, Peru, Indiana.

Art: 8 by 10 inches to 9 by 12 inches work of art depicting some abstract or realistic image of the growing problem of hatred in the United States or the personal reaction to events caused by hatred and discrimination in this country. These works of art can be paper, fiber of any kind, oil, photography, weaving, water color, mixed media or digital images. The purpose of every piece MUST BE to shine a light on the growing issue of hatred in America and/or promote a message of peace and nonviolence. Work that is larger or smaller than the indicated sizes will certainly be considered but may not fit the online needs. At this time sculpture or other three-dimensional objects will not be considered. SIZE is NOT a primary consideration. If you work larger or smaller, please continue to do so. The hope is that this size might be comfortable for many who might not otherwise enter.

Submissions: jpgs (one full image and one or two close-ups) at 72 – 100 dpi shall be sent to along with a written description of why this image addresses the issue. Additional consideration given to personal stories behind the art. Please include media type, materials used, and size of work in description.

Current Deadline: December 15, for art work to be juried onto the site in time for remembrances on January 8.

Jurying: once the jpg of artwork is submitted, along with the written description/essay of the work, artists will be notified of their acceptance within two weeks. Artists retain all rights to their images. Artists will be allowed a link to their personal blogs or websites, but this is not a venue for marketing or selling work. With acceptance of their piece/s, artists commit to spreading a peaceful, nonviolent message.

Please help to spread the word and message of Art From the HeArt. You can view the website here.

Linda, Anne, and Suzan

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