Working with a Coach

What a gorgeous Sunday in the Old Pueblo! Should be near 90 today – perfect weather for March. We are planning a drive today to air ourselves out before a hectic week – probably up to check out what’s new in Casa Grande and then back through one of the reservations to admire the coming of spring to the desert.

One of the nice things about checking Sunday’s email is the weekly newsletter from Eric Maisel, well-known author and creativity coach. Two summers ago I bought his book “Coaching the Artist Within” and stumbled on his incantations for centering oneself. I like to try these things, so I practiced the six he recommended and found myself really able to calm my mind. Much better so than regular meditation – which I like, but these quick incantations spread over 10 seconds each are more immediate and really fit into a hectic life.

I took advantage of his offer for free creativity coaching as he had a new email class starting, and I meet Kathleen Gilday of Write into Your Life. What a great couple of months it has been! Kathleen has been helping me slowly recover my artistic self after a severe two-year drought of artistic activity. Great suggestions, wondeful support, and a kindred soul in artistic endeavors. And a New Englander to boot! Sharing ideas, struggles, small – and large – successes – it is wonderful to have a kindred soul peeking over your shoulder as you recover your artistic self. I’m sure when our coaching time is done we will stay in touch.

Between Eric’s newsletters, creativity coaches, workshop groups via emails, and his wonderful books, this is a great resource for artistic souls of whatever bent.

The great outdoors is calling! Taxes and lesson plans wil have to wait!

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