What a long week! Every time we have a half day for the kids because of conferences, the week just seems to stretch endlessly. Since it’s been such a hard week, we decided not to marble, since we don’t want the session to be a “chore.” We had so much fun the last time, we want to be sure we always do this for enjoyment.

So tonight I finished up part 2 of week five’s lesson – I still needed to play around with buttons and aligning objects on my business card, so I created a new one from scratch – as though I needed a new card for tutoring. Decided on color choices – liked those, had fun playing with type styles – the ability to just arrow through type styles and sizes is a real plus.

Then came the buttons. I am getting better at layers, and now I had to be sure things were labeled and linked together. Which I did. But then as I read further, I realized I was going to need to do some different linking of layers in order to get things to align. That was much easier once I labeled the layers and knew what went with what!!

Overall I am pleased with the design – again, a certain amount of order. I am so predictable. What an array of tools within this program. Just amazing….

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