Reconnecting with Friends

We just finished a fabulous dinner and conversation with an old friend we had lost touch with some 15 or so years ago. Ann and I both taught in Phoenix in the late 70s and early 80s. We called hereafter her wedding to tell her a math job was waiting for her. We saw her first chIld, Ryan, at a few weeks old. Then there was Tyler and Evan, and finally Kate. She moved to Maryland, and we shortly followed.  We worked together for a commercial learning center, and then she headed west and we went back to Vermont.

Tonight we reconnected and ended up sharing math stories. Turns out we became exactly the same kind of  math teacher….crazy, willing to do weird things, sing….in short, whatever it took to help kids learn math. Ann ordered a gift basket a few months back, and I was thrilled to realize it was my old friend….after trying to google anything I could remember about her family to try and find her again.

Ann got me first interested in quilting back in Maryland, and maybe next year we’ll be able to meet up at Road2 California. All I do know is that this evening was magical, seeing grown kids and grandchildren and having great conversation. Ann, thanks for a great evening,my friend!

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