On Turning 60….

So I am trying to figure out how I got to be 60….For my 30th year, I went to China. At 40 I quit the learning center because of ethics. At 50 I started a nonprofit. Now – I will be teaching high school algebra. With 6 years to go till retirement.

I guess there comes a time when we wonder about our lives. I’m overall happy. I know I am slowing down, but I still get excited by new ideas and new adventures – the adventure just needs to be a ground-level now. I no longer feel like every minute must be productive to some great cause, especially after the month I’ve had – three eye surgeries, root canal – falling apart like the teeth. I find I am enjoying just sitting and reading, sewing, creating art, talking to friends, worrying about the state of the world….

The fifties were a busy time – lots of mid-life crises, changes, wondering what teaching is all about and if it will ever change. Who knows about the sixties – supposed to be the new 50….I don’t think so. Who knows what’s ahead in the next decade – nothing seems to show a picture….

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