Where I’m Going, Part 1

I knew, early on in marbling, that once I saw Photoshop and some of its possibilities, that there would be much more I could do with my marbling. The problem was learning – both improving my marbling skills, my quilting skills, and figuring out Photoshop. I am just now beginning to feel like I can make a mark in digital marbling/mixed media. I am looking forward to creating more this summer and getting a specific website up, getting CDs out to galleries, and just having fun with Photoshop.

That said, check out the Cordova Museum in Cordova, Alaska. I have two pieces with Suzan that were juried into the show, so more for the resume, as well as some validation. There are some very interesting pieces in the show. No fiber, so I really need to continue with the Glacier piece for next year.

More coming……

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