On Auto-Pilot

This is one of my favorite digital images, created from our marbled fabric. Hubby did the photography of the flower, which just seemed to want to jump into the background. I have several iterations of this, but there’s something about the whiteness that really appeals.

But all I can do right now is just look and think about what I could do. I am on auto-pilot until January 24 when I take a major math test. I am spending several hours each night (as well as a huge chunk of winter vacation) reviewing and learning more math. I want to pass this test the first time around, for several reasons: I want to keep my current position for next uear, as I really love it, and I want to be done with studying so I can get back to more art-making!

I’ve created a couple of new digital pieces that I really like, and I bought a couple of the Dover books with free clip art images. I played around with a couple and was quite pleased with them. In fact, after nearly 14 years, I finally figured out how to do a particular thing in Photoshop! It just happened…which is pretty serendipitous. I want to do more!!!!

But it is auto-pilot for another 18 days….that’s a lotta math……

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