Musings for a Monday

Not a bad day for a Monday. New marking period begins, cracking down on tardies (especially for my morning class), and working on basic equations. All my class averages are over 80%. First time ever I think that has happened. I’m really proud of the work my students are doing.

Brought home one set of papers, as I want to continue with sewing tonight. I did some rearranging of furniture over the weekend, and now all my art/fiber books are sorted and close by in the studio. I think I will start cutting my 100 strips tonight, in preparation for the new class. I do have some fab fabrics – I’ll take a couple of pics tonight. But I am still fighting the urge to go buy more fabric……I love bright colors!

So my kids aren’t buying the “math holiday” on October 31 – Distributive Property Day. Marketers call it Halloween, but when you think about it, candy gets distributed to everyone who comes to the door – no one gets left out, which is what happens when you use the distributive property in algebra. You share what’s outside the parentheses with everything inside. Sharing is caring….which all my students from last year have remembered. I will bring candy corn next Friday, the 30th, to celebrate Distributive Property, regardless of how much they tease….whatever it takes!

I didn’t get to the Ansel Adams show at the Tucson Museum of Art this weekend – maybe next Saturday, along with a couple of other galleries. I need to drool over art again!

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