Blast from the Past

A trip down memory lane tonight…as I have been cleaning and reorganizing the studio, I am slowly taking 30-plus years-old slides to Walgreens and having them put on CD so I can actually look at them. We rotate the pics on the computer screen saver. The top is a pic of a picnic area near Aspen when we traveled through Colorado one summer. It was such a gorgeous spot.

This was our first trip to the Grand Canyon – we left Phoenix one morning and drove to the North Rim – no reservations, no sweaters – figured since it was over 100 degrees in Phoenix, it would be hot at the Canyon – slight miscalculation…. This is some 30 years ago, and while we’ve been back to the Canyon, we haven’t yet gone again to the north rim. As I look at the photos again, I am reminded about issues of pollution at the Canyon; our visit a year ago was much less “bright” and “clear,” due to pollution.

Visiting the Grand Canyon is a must for every one, and if you can go the way of the North Rim, you go through the Painted Desert, the Vermillion Cliffs, and absolutely incredible meadows. You can just watch the development of the earth through all the visible layers.

These pics were before I learned about the advantages of morning light. My shots from a year ago reflect the oranges and reds more, but the afternoon light brings its own beauty – lots of shades of blues. See the person in the bottom right? Puts the Canyon in perspective….

While we have never had a lot of money, we have been lucky enough to visit many places in the US, usually on a shoe strong, with the only memories our photos. This is of me and hubby on the beach at Kitty Hawk, NC, taken by friends of ours who were visiting from Vermont. We spent many weeks over the years on this beach, in the waters, taking the ferry to Ocracoke Island, and clamming/crabbing in the bay.

When we first moved to Phoenix after we got married, we ended up taking a short honeymoon trip to San Diego and to the zoo, where we were up close and personal with one of the tigers.

Friends snapped this of the two of us at Disneyland. We don’t have a lot of pictures of the two of us – hubby with all his hair and me a much thinner person!

We loved out two years in Maryland – Ellicott City. We would take the bridge from Annapolis over the bay to the Eastern Shore. For my 40th birthday we took a cruise on the Chesapeake to little St. Michael’s Island. You can see the bridge in the background.

This is of the river flowing through Kankakee, Illinois, south of Chicago, when I joined Dean on one of his jobs. We picnicked here a couple of times while he was finishing that particular job.

Coming tomorrow – our very own “girls’ night” quilting!

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