Aieeee – what a month!

Well, school has started, and I have had NO time to do anything even remotely related to my own art. Which is usually the way the year starts out, but I really, truly am tryng to set aside time for myself. I hit the ground running this year, being in a situation where decisions are dependent on the district office – if you look up “dysfunctional” in the dictionary, you will find my school district as a prime example.

I have spent every weekend working to get caught up on papers and do lesson plans for THREE preps – which is allowed by consensus, but it’s making me nuts. Today it took me three hours just to get the plans for the week sketched out and the official lesson plans written and emailed to three different people. One thing about being at a failing school is that everyone is watching you. I don’t mind that, but I would like the decision-making process simplified.

I did get to the zoo yesterday and enjoyed watching the polar bear swim back and forth, the rhinos wallow in the mud, and the otter’s antics. It was relaxing.

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