Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is in town! Two weeks of prowling wholesale and retail dealers throughout the city, from the small hotel rooms of treasures from India to the major wholesale shows with semi-precious and precious stones from around the world. It is a truly amazing experience. We lived in Tucson for probably 8 years before I experienced my first gem show. After all, they’re just rock….right? My first show saw me dropping my jaw at the colors residing in the dirt of this planet. You have to experience the show to appreciate the wonders from this earth. So here ya go – pictures to delight! The above are stone vases – don’t remember the names of the stone, I just love the colors!  Bought one two years ago.

Crystals and quartz and geodes – you name it, you can find it.

Amazingly delicate little stone bowls.
Don’t know the stone, but these colorful balls could become my next bad habit….
Amber galore – the whole area just glowed.
  There’s something about malachite that just makes me drool….

And I am a sucker for all things onyx….

No clue as to the stone, but I love the veining on this table. I could own this easily….

Milled or not, just amazing.

In the rough state….

These are where I get into real trouble – the center stones look like snakeskin. I love to look for texture and unusual veining in stone to use in my fiber art. I am always looking for water and “landscape” stones.

The texture in these stones is absolutely amazing.

My friend Alison covets this bracelet. Here’s the complete set –
Just amazing carving! In town for the next two weeks – be still, oh plastic of mine!

4 Responses to “Tucson Gem and Mineral Show”

  • gypsylulu:

    OMG!…that show must be to die for,Linda!… talk about plastic.. haha…better leave it home!..the stones are amazing..and all that amber…wow!
    not sure i could stand it!..
    thanks for sharing with your lovely shots!

  • Linda Moran:

    It is an amazing show! And – that doesn't even begin to look at the bead shows in town – starting with those tomorrow!

  • Jan:

    Zowie! I need to be there! Fabulous stuff, thanks for sharing.

  • Linda Moran:

    Jan – it is mind-blowing! One bead show started this weekend, another starts next weekend, and there are wholesale shows across the city, Anything you could possibly imagine, and then some!

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