Goals, and My Ideal Day Redux….

It’s a glorious day here – 63 and sunny, and great walking weather. I’ve been extremely productive with my blogging class, as well as planning our monthly arts meeting tomorrow. It’s a good thing I have found more time in my days by cutting out the television and generally having more energy to not crash at night at 7:30.

I had an interesting comment from Anne at El Milagro Studio concerning my ideal day:

Sometimes our dreams from younger ages are not our dreams at our current place in life.
I have found it is learning to separate myself from the ones from years ago and realistically look at myself and what I do now. That gives me a better idea of where I really want to head: how much can I do physically, what is involved both time and money-wise, am I truly pursuing *my* path, and—most importantly—am I enjoying this?
Because the last I don’t know how many years? I have done a lot of work that I have NOT enjoyed the process though it was good work and resulted in some income.
But the tradeoff (selling the soul for cash) was not worth it.
I’m at a deciding point….giving it time to all settle in and see what happens.
And for once, I’m in no hurry, and I’m okay with that. 🙂

So this makes sense to me, for right now, and I know that I will be valuating this “ideal day” at least once more this year, and then regularly each year.

I did work on goals and plans, so I have a HUGE list for this week, and I have to be careful to keep things reasonable! One of the things I do REALLY well is take a idea from concept to fruition, with all steps in between, so I see this working for me. I just need to be realistic about what I can get done each week in the evenings, and still have time for hubby.

1. Make a minimum income $1000 per month, with my first mini-goal of $500 a month by November 2010.
2. Plan time to create fiber and digital art.
3. Build an online community for both business and personal satisfaction.
4. Complete weight loss blog which leads to a book at the end of the year (in case you’re interested, it’s here).
5. Build the on-line art business.
6. Purchase a new laptop and software for traveling and business (first $1500 income goes to this).
7. Dedicate time to write.
8. Manage a balance between teaching, art, and the art business.
9. Create products to sell on line (already have a list of two sorta ready to go).
10. Build Mixed Media Arts Tucson into a viable entity.

I have done this kind of planning when it came to directing a theater production. I would start with opening night and then work backwards, what I called “back-planning.” By the time you get to the current day, everything seems very do-able.

My policies to make this happen:
* Write each week, a minimum of three times a week.
* Respond to comments and customers every time, within 48 hours
* Stay focused – no excuses!.
* Keep school in perspective.
* If it legitimately doesn’t get done, LET IT GO and don’t obsess!

And most importantly, BELIEVE.

2 Responses to “Goals, and My Ideal Day Redux….”

  • Anne Huskey-Lockard:

    "If it legitimately doesn't get done, LET IT GO and don't obsess!"

    I need that printed out in 200 pt tpye and plastered on about every wall I see in the house!!! That's how I always end up doing the work I really don't want to do! Pushing things aside I want to finish for room for the "H*ll Projects*…..LOL!
    I am glad I was quoteworthy….thank heavens it was a day when I was thinking straight. I just know my goal list is so much smaller than it used to be, and at first it was hard to adjust, then I decided I like it that way. I could focus.
    Now, two big projects left and I am FREEEEEEE to pursue the art that makes me happy, income or no, and I can then decide when and if I want to take on another massive project!
    You are SO organized….by the way.


  • Linda Moran:

    LOL! I obsess over everything, it seems, especially school stuff – like I'm being observed in three hours, and I still have lots to do…but I'd rather be working here! We'll see just how good I can be!!

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