Thursday Thoughts – A “Survivor” Rant

  Now let me preface this by saying I watched the very first “Survivor,” and I found it compelling, disturbing, and my summer’s guilty pleasure. I remember thinking – and saying to a few folks – that I hoped they had counseling available for some of these people. Rudy was interesting, homophobic, but he came around. Richard was your classic evil corporate business person. Ageism was an issue from the beginning, and Susan was articulate.

I watched another season, with Colby and the one woman whose name escapes me who became the first classic villain. But then it just became contrived…and disturbing, like the camera man who continued to film after the contestant fell in the fire…and then Coach with his attitude, and Russell…..oh, don’t get me started on Russell…….

Mostly I didn’t watch any more. I didn’t need to see a character like Russell get that much air time. There’s enough slime in the world that I don’t need to needlessly submit myself to more. But every now and then I see a clip from a new season…and I notice Coach is back, and some character who reveals that Russell is his uncle. Brandon was a cry-baby. People, if you’re going to be on the show, know what to expect. And, bottom line, God is too busy with real problems to care whether or not your team wins a challenge. That whole season with the religion card was just too much to watch, and I gave up on it. Can’t imagine how Cochran is doing as a lawyer after all that…..any good attorney would be able to promise him anything.

But I got suckered in to watching a few episodes this season…and there’s Cat, a spoiled 22-year-old, who is dimmer than a 30-watt bulb. She’s selfish and whiny, which is why she gets all the air time. Enough already…..there are too many more important things in life that this waste of air time.

Most TV watching these days is limited to NCIS, Glee, Big Bang, PBS, and a lot of British series through Netflix. Although I really would rather be in the studio, and that’s what I’ve been doing more and more.

I’m curious…am I the only one? What’s actually worth watching these days? (I know, I’ve got to get on the Downton Abbey bandwagon….)

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