In the Presence of Greatness…..

(Tongue in cheek….)
One of the things I do really well, and have as long as I have been teaching, is organize events, large and small. We were talking at dinner, and I was saying that most of the teachers are going to be surprised at the art show and its organization. Yet this is the kind of thing I do – and love doing – plan all the nitty gritty details for an activity. So the panels are ordered, invitations are out for the kids, need to do invitations in mailboxes next week, invite central office people and Utterback staff, get artwork organized, and so on.

April 28 of next year will be the 35th anniversary of World Peace Day, an activity my Pacific and Asian Affairs Club organized in 1972. We had a state-wide day devoted to recognizing and working for peace. Brings back lots of memories – the 9 mile Walk for Peace, where I could barely move the next day, being following, trying to get a parade permit from the mayor – a great nine months of planning. I love doing this stuff!

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