Scrapbooking Software? Another GImmick??

I’m thinking NOT another gimmick.

Insights from SewCalGal has an article on tools that scrapbookers use that we quilters might want to adopt….interesting thoughts. I was pretty impressed with what I was seeing as I went through this article. My nieces are in to scrapbooking, and both of them use digital software to maintain scrapbooks on line. Carie has made some amazing pages in the past, and while I was envious – and bought the supplies, it seemed too much like work.

However, I have been know to spend a lot of time with VistaPrint and Shutterfly to prepare marketing materials. So why not another source for creating goodies? Here’s some of the reasons from the article for using scrapbook software.

1. Create an album of all your quilts using a variety of formats, embellishments, text opportunities, and more. Could be yet another way of presenting your materials to potential customers, especially if you don’t have a website.

2. Maybe you want to create a greeting card for a friend. You control everything you want, and it looks to be easier than some of the other online programs I have been using.

3. Maybe you need to create a flyer to increase awareness of a quilting event. I can think of two local arts/crafts group that should have taken advantage of this software……

4. You want to create cool headers, badges, clip art and more for your blog. I’m liking this one….

5. You want to share multiple photos. This appeals to me, because sometimes the blogging platform software just doesn’t do what you want it to for photos.

SewCalGal uses My Memories, which has some free pages available, and the program seems to have a reasonable price. I’m not sure I want to learn another program, and I don’t know how much actual photo editing you can do in this program. A Google search revealed a lot of sites, some completely free, and some with hidden costs. Lots of contests, galleries of pages, and blogs. If it’s your thing, you have a lot out there to look at.

PS – no compensation for me – I just found the whole thing interesting.


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