Project Runway

We just finished four nights of watching Season 3 of Project Runway. We caught Season 1 when our local cable ran two free months of expanded cable, and we had Bravo for a while. Since we’re doing Netflix again because there is nothing on TV, we watched Season 2 and now Season 3. I love Tim Gunn – classy, stylish, intelligent, all around amazing!

We really enjoyed watching this together. We have started doing more with original design and color, so we were very interested in watching the results of the various challenges. For season 3 I was very glad they didn’t throw another challenge on top of getting ready for fashion week. I still don’t think Jeffrey should have won – I would buy Uli’s clothes, and Jeffrey is just too out there. One of the things we have both been commenting on is how disorganized most of the contestants are. We were saying if it were us doing this, we would be so planned and organized, and not leave things to the last minute. Two months (five in season 2) would be plenty to develop a line – I work well with deadlines. But while I can sew – I have no sense of designing clothes!

Now we just have to wait for Season 4 to come out on DVD!

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