Photoshop, Creativity, and Kids

One of the things I have noticed with my students and their digital doodles is how much they are willing to stay focused and try different things. Because it is so easy to delete or correct mistakes, I think the kids feel much freer to try out ideas with Photoshop. One of my Somali girls has spent close to an hour trying to get hearts and flowers just the right colors – she has never shown that amount of patience with any of her other projects.

One of my eighth grade boys made a really cool optical illusion today – such care – and showing him the transform tool was genius on my part – he was able to proceed at a more rapid rate, and his comment about bringing out what was exactly in his head was worth the time.

More of the kids want to try a digital doodle, and to me I need to make more of this available next semester in art. We are checking on the cost of a site license to add Photoshop to a few more laptops, so kids can work in pairs and have more opportunities to create. Makes me wonder just how many different ways I can use this program to teach basic art skills.

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