Christmas 47 years ago…..

It started as a yearly check-up to the eye doctor, and the next thing I know I am in Wills’ Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, spending Christmas with detached retina surgery. I remember a few things very clearly- Mrs. Finklestein snoring, the lady in the bed next to me thinking I didn’t like black people because I never said anything to her (too shy, and besides, my eyes were bandaged – how was I to know?), Dad having to buy me Kotex because I didn’t think to ask the nurse. Dad taping the Flintstones so I could hear it (no video-recorders at the time), and Dad coming across town in Philadelphia by bus carrying a huge Saint Bernard stuffed dog for me. Can you tell I miss my dad?

Another very clear memory – hearing my parents’ footsteps (yes, I could tell it was them – hearing had improved) and hearing them say there was nothing for me for a future. No doubt that fueled my drive to succeed academically to prove them wrong….thank heavens I am finally past that – but it took many years. And Mr. Higgins – who came three afternoons a week to make sure I kept up on my school work – out of school for four months, couldn’t brush my teeth for 6 months – interesting memories.

Now I am facing yet more eye surgery- will probably need to have the cataract removed from my bad eye because it is keeping the retina doctor from seeing the back of the eye and checking the retina. At least the infection seems better, but I still need to do the drops – and it looks like no more driving at night. I suppose in the cosmic scheme of things I have done remarkably well all this time on really only one eye – yet it’s interesting to wonder how people actually see with both eyes working together.

Just some thoughts as they randomly crop up. I am amazed at the fact that I have kept the blog up all year, and now seem to be hooked on writing. It’s also interesting to look back at the very first piece of Photoshop art from January….

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