Marbling on Paper

Readers of this blog already know this is my favorite piece of marbled paper. We made it in our marbling class last spring – a tough pattern we can’t always replicate. I have been marbling more paper, and I do enjoy it. There is less prep work than with fabric, but the pretreating is a tad trickier.

We started out marbling on fabric, with no real interest in marbling paper. But we decided to try it once. It was a disaster. We pretreated the paper by soaking the whole sheet of paper. Big mistake…..the paper just basically decomposed. We have since learned to just sponge the alum on the paper, not soak it. Duh – you would’ve thought that was obvious.

But when we started marbling, there were not a lot of books (and certainly none of the YouTube videos) available, and much information was kept pretty close to the chest. Nowadays the sharing is much freer. So I have some things to work on, but I like the 9 by 12 size, the ease of the paints, and usually the finished product. When I improve my pretreating with alum, the pattern won’t wash off the paper.

This work is still fairly traditional, and I am a LONG way from doing work like the Turkish masters and their flowers. But it’s still lots of fun and very satisfying. The patterns and color combinations are just endless. Enjoy – and comments welcome! But don’t even think about “borrowing” the images….

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  • colortwirl:

    It's all relative I guess – I started on paper with little interest in fabric, and I still find fabric much more problematic. But it sure does expand the range of products one can make! That is a wonderful sheet you have there.

  • Linda Moran:

    Fabric sure does take more time! That's still my favorite, and that's what I'll do to relax…but I am enjoying learning some different techniques with the paper that I can't do on the fabric – like the moire pattern. Thanks for reading!

  • Anne Huskey-Lockard:

    These are sooooooo beautiful!
    I remember years ago, when I *tried* to marble some fabric (please insert laughtere here!) there was ONE BOOK that I could find, and it was more geared toward paper. The illustrations of the patterns were magnificent!
    I don't even know if I have the book now….I tried once again, with the same disasterous results and thought from here on, I will support other marblers.
    You'll master paper, no doubt!!!


  • Jan:

    These are gorgeous! Your favorite is mine too but I also especially love the blue/green one. This looks so hard. I don't think I will even consider trying to do it!

  • Linda Moran:

    Hey Anne – it's our beginning attempts at something that keep us fresh! I feel that way about tole painting, doll making, and knitting! Knitting to me is just one large crazy mystery!

  • Linda Moran:

    Jan – the blue-green one I did that time and haven't been able to replicate it since. I think it has to do with how I am moving the paper. Galen Berry makes everything look so easy as a teacher. You could always visit me and we could play……or – we'll be up Oregon way this summer and could play for a day……

  • Jacque:

    Wow, those are gorgeous! I love marbled paper and fabric, but have not done much myself. Certainly nothing this beautiful.

  • Karen S:

    Nice stuff — I haven't marbled in a while — I guess I better get out my stuff and get to work!

  • Linda Moran:

    Jacque – thanks for the compliments! I do enjoy the marbling, especially after all the set-up is done and then you can just enjoy!

  • Linda Moran:

    Karen – I'd love to see your work!

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