Art and Math

I have a much nicer back wall in my classroom now, since I had a few minutes to finish mounting the art work and stapling it to the wall. This was an art project to use straight lines to create a design, as well as give the linear equation for that line. Not everyone turned the assignment in – should have had 80 drawings, and ended up with 51. Some are carelessly done, and some are really quite good – would make good quilt designs. Aside from writing the equations, the only other requirement was the addition of color to accent and balance the design.

You can see the coordinate plane in each of these last two designs, so you can get a better idea of creating the equations.

I will do this assignment again but earlier in the unit next year, when they are first learning to write linear equations. Now I have some examples of student work, so I can show good designs and poor designs and how they are graded through the rubric.

I love discovering kids with hidden talent!

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