Top Ten Tuesday…..Kinda Different………..

10 Reasons Why I Haven’t Been Online Lately……

1. I’ve been tired….really tired, and not quite sure why……

2. I have no energy, which is weird, because I am actually accomplishing some art.

3. Haven’t blogged because it hasn’t interested me, which is strange, because I really like writing.

4. Haven’t kept up with blogs because it hasn’t interested me, which is also strange because I really enjoy following these blogs.

5. Doing lots of reading. Three of four Robin Hobbs books on the Rain Wild Chronicles, a bunch of Patricia Cornwell (until she gets too grim).

6. Spending time trying out new recipes for hubby and me, as we are trying to go gluten-free. Who knew I would be spending one to two hours on a meal?

7. Getting ready for StashFest at the La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum. Two boxes left to mail and all the fabric will be on its way.

8. Discovered, and wiling my time away on puzzles (didn’t say I hadn’t been on the computer…..).

9. Worrying about stuff I have no control over, which is stupid…….

10. Watching a lot of TV: Game sof Thrones, Project Runway, Castle, et al.

Maybe I’ll be back now…………..

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