Monday Marketing – Our Arts Group Meets!

I really love this piece. It was marbled on a white polysatin, and it so reminds me of a sunrise. I am working to try and do some more quilting on this piece, but I need a focal point – I’m open to suggestions for how to embellish this.

Our arts support group meets for the first time tonight. This is mainly getting to know each other, with a healthy dose of show and tell. Every time one of us gets together with another, we always feel so good talking about a art. It just makes sense to have a way to stay in touch regularly, and expand our group a little bit. We need a way to keep each other motivated and share information. I know that once the school year starts, I will need to have some deadlines, and bring something new each month will be good for me. I’m looking forward to this, since last month I spent the evening in the ER.

I’m on a waiting list for a “Craft show” in November. We attended this last November and were impressed with the organization, and we felt some of our marbled products would go well. The waiting list is evidently long, but the organizers are trying to not duplicate vendors, so if someone drops out, we may move to the top faster. Either way, we need to start planning for the show.

I marbled more paper this weekend – went well, and I am working on trying to get the moire pattern down – cool pattern with lots of movement – can’t be done on fabric because of the fast absorption rate of the fabric and liquid. Hubby is at work making new combs to try out, and we had visitors at our marbling session a week ago – we should probably pull together class information again.

I went through our drawer of “we will never sell these pieces, they are too gorgeous” to find I actually have couple of new ideas for some of them. One piece is a full three-quarter yard of waves – and it deserves to be framed by itself – this would make a great restul, peaceful piece in a therapist’s office!

For some reason, I can’t get the Vista Print emails any longer, despite three phone calls to them. I need to look for another source for quality, reasonable, online printing. Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone used Moo? Thanks for any help!

PS – TOMORROW – special guest post from Darya at Summer Tomato!!!

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