Art Show Pics

We survived the art show yesterday, and we had today off because of a bad winter storm moving through the area. Snow in the mountains to complement my sunburn. We started set-up really early – cold! Supposed to be 70 during the day, but the desert is cold at 45….we kept waiting for the sun to come up!

Sun comes up and we can shed our coats. We keep moving things around to get the best set-up, all the while looking at all the tents around us. Obviously, it we continue to do this, we will need to invest in a tent. We learned loads, and we will be processing it for a while.
It was a good thing we did the umbrella, as in the afternoon we needed the shade. Plus, it made it easier to do receipts and change without the glare. 
Some of our many wares – realized we could have had three tables, as the number of vendors was down, and we each got a parking space and a half – one of the many lessons learned in set-up.
Another make-shift table for more pottery – even though we had a lot  of us, and various display methods, everything did pull together pretty well.
And finally the wind hit – the first gusts took over the jewelry display – no broken Venetian glass, just one of the stones. Umbrella nearly took off, and we couldn’t keep art on the easel. Made for a windy, sunburn-y, hot afternoon. We packed up everything at 4, as we were released from our obligation because of the incoming storm for Sunday and the gusts over 30 miles an hour predicted during the evening. 
We didn’t make much, but we went into this not expecting to. We wanted the experience, to know what to expect, to know what we would change, improve on, and the like. Lots of changes!
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One Response to “Art Show Pics”

  • Anne Huskey-Lockard:

    Congrats on surviving the show and making a bit……you have my admiration!
    I know that I would never hack it on the outside show circuit.
    Things looked nice, and yes, a tent and the heavy weights for a John Deere yard tractor are essentials. They can hold it in place when you can't stake to the ground. Can't remember what they are called…I have them for balance when plowing snow….
    They photos were very nice, and it was soooo great to see sunshine!!!


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