Yea! I signed up for the third in a series of classes from I figured if I had some new Photoshop stuff to work on, perhaps I wouldn’t spend so much time dealing with school work. So everything arrived today – after a really horrible day.

Someone vandalized my new art room – I went in to get set up in preparation for cleaning, only to find someone had smeared paint, toliet paper, and lots of markers all over the room. The student has been caught and arrested – one thing about my new school, they don’t mess around with discipline issues. The room is still a “crime scene”, which of course the kids are fascinated with. I don’t know how long it will take to clean up, but I figure the earliest we can get in the room is middle of next week.

I started hanging some of the kids’ work, which I think the kids are really enjoying. Several of the teachers couldn’t believe the work they were seeing – come on, the kids aren’t without talent! So even more important to get their work up for enjoyment. I need to make some posters explaining the various assignments, so there will be more understanding of the processes.

Plus, at our faculty meeting after school, there is even more for us to do – call to set up parent conferences, finish WICPs and SCIPs for students at risk (before parent conferences), get progress grades in, run progress reports, fold and stuff envelopes with the progress reports, develop a plan for involving parents of the kids on our team. And the potential for Blue Flu next Friday, in respone to the way the district has been dragging on new contracts.

Won’t be a boring school year!!

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