Top Ten Tuesday – What’s New on the Web This Week

Another great week of finding cool stuff on the web.

Inside Out Weight Loss

First up is Inside Out Weight Loss with Renee Stephens on Personal Life Media. Some of you have been following my online blog about getting healthy this year: THIS is the Year for Health. I’ve been dealing with weight issues for nearly half my life, and this podcast series seems to be helping me stay on course – after only four episodes, I am answering some interesting questions about my overeating. And…I’m open to anythng that will help me get healthy by losing fat and not muscle. If you’re interested in weight loss, I’ve got a number of interesting articles posted on my blog, from misconceptions about The Biggest Loser to suggestions from the Mayo Clinic on daily calorie intake.

Sales Tips for Artists

Along the same lines is this from  Dick Harrison at Sales Tips for Artists – 8 Reasons Why Your Art Isn’t Selling and You Can’t Lose Weight. Who knew the two would be connected? Goals, accountability, patience, planning – it’s all there!

All About Hand Dyeing

Paula Burch’s All About Hand Dyeing has instructions and examples for tie-dye, batik, low water immersion dyeing, and hand painting. Paula has been very generous with all her information; there is a lot to explore and lean about on this site.

Daniel Sroka

Some really fine photography here at Daniel Sroka’s Open Studio. His blog shows step-by-step processes in creating his photography. His leaf series is pretty amazing. A self-taught artist, Daniel Sroka has been working as a professional artist for the past decade, specializing in abstract and semi-abstract macro photography of nature.

Think Geek

Think Geek is a fun site, with t-shirts galore. The one here is from the Big Bang Theory version of Rock Paper Scissors…Lizard Spock. I can spend a lot of time perusing the various geek-y shirts.

Jackie Abrams

Jackie Abrams’ Contemporary Basketry and Fiber Art has beautiful work. “Jackie Abrams has made a career of transforming simple materials into contemporary works of art. Abrams has spent the last 30 years stretching the term ‘basketry’ far beyond its traditional meaning, combining materials and techniques to create unexpected forms with rich texture and color. Abrams calls her work a progression of explorations.”
The Crafts Report, April 2005

Website Tutorials

15 Awesome Tutorial Websites You Probably Didn’t Know About by Dumb Little Man (who knew?). Lots of interesting things to explore here, and no doubt loads of links to other tutorials on line. I am amazed at what you can find just on YouTube. I googled “quadratic formula songs” and who knew there would be literally hundreds? And since there’s 15 of them here, that makes more than Ten for this Tuesday. Enjoy!

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