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I’m not so much of a tech geek as I thought, as it wasn’t until about 4 months ago that I finally realized how Google Reader works. Now I love scrolling through to find new updates, and I’ve figured out how to start a draft of a blog post for Tuesday Top Ten. And there’s more already bookmarked and waiting for new posts. Such an amazing wealth for an information junkie like me!

An update of the classic Elements of Style (to which I still own two copies…): From Cool Hunting, a site with loads of VERY cool stuff…..

Some very beautiful art quilts made with Indian silk by Sue Reno, posted on her blog.

Great photos of women during war from Child of the Moon

Tose of us of a certain age will remember Mad magazine, and for some of us it was forbidden reading material. In case you didn’t know, they have a blog, and today’s artwork celebrates 3000 hits by Derek Jeter. I’ll let you peek for yourself…’s worth it…..

From Mamacita at Scheiss Weekly comes this great post on teaching. It really resonated with me, because these are all the things I’ve done over the years to relate to kids at all levels.

Here’s a very cool giveaway from a very talented artist, Marie Segal at Art From My Heart. These little guys are great – unzipped hearts. Check it out and start following Marie – she has some great blog posts.

As artists, marketing is a large part of our life, as you can tell if you follow my Monday Marketing posts. Renee Phillips from Manhattan Arts is an “artrepeneur,” a term I really like. Check out her blog for some really great tips and motivation.

Those of us who post lots of pics of our work on the web need to be aware of watermarking to protect our work. Creating the Hive had a great tutorial this past week on just that. It’s on my list of things to do as I update my Flickr stream.

Interested in seeing what color does? There’s this very cool Color Designer on line that lets you mix colors as primaries, complementaries, and so on. Very instructional…and fun! Visit it and play around – you’ll find it very helpful.

On a more serious note – a video I first saw on the environmental blog A Note From Your Mother: gorgeous, scary, depressing, and amazing…you need to watch it.


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