Top Ten Tuesday

This is shorter this week – because the last clip is an amazing video just out, on an untold story of September 11. To get you to the end, here’s a few goodies from the week.

A good article about being asked to donate work….which I don’t think many organizations really understand as it relates to artists’ efforts. Another great one from the ArtBizBlog.

From Cool Hunting comes the work of this clay artist. Look at this texture!!!!

Charles Simons

Jelly bean art, courtesy of Kathy Nida this week….

Here’s the “Making Of” video – very cool!

From Joan Beiriger’sBlog on art licensing comes this “Creative Process of Extremely Successful Licensed Artists,” complete with videos on these five people. Lots of good stuff here.

Now for an amazing clip. Narrated by Tom Hanks, this is the untold story of “Boatlift,” the largest sea evacuation in history – 500,000 people off of Manhattan in the hours after September 11. This is worth the rest of the Top Ten – worthy of it’s own. Be sure to have tissues at hand.

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