It’s Official…..

…that as of Friday at 3:40 PM, I now have 26 remaining sets of reports card to do and I CAN RETIRE!!! I tried looking at some type of countdown that would seem reasonable and now feel like an eternity. 1440 school days (at that time) wasn’t workin’ for me. Seven years wasn’t workin’, and neither was number of weeks. What did seem to catch on was the number of report periods for which I would need to do grades (how’s that from the Grammar Queen?). That was eminently do-able. So – 26 more sets of report cards.

The big question is whether I can last physically and mentally – my principal actually admitted that we have too much to do, and he needs to ease things for us. Ya think? And another question is whether or not I will go back there next year. I really need to explore some new options.

That said, I am now on vacation! For two weeks I can sleep late, not do school work, and just work on art. So I started by uploading my Contribute which arrived in the mail. Five hours later I was finally able to upload pics for Suzan to see. I had to call Adobe because evidently I was “missing” something for the download, which I got, and then had to figure out how to install. I had to all Suzan because I couldn’t seem to remember coding and passwords I had used for three years….but now we should be able to get back to Photoshop Tag and create more work. As long as the weather cooperates, we’re headed to Phoenix to meet half-way next Thursday. Yay!

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