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Watergate to the Tune of 12 Days of Christmas…..

Bet you’re wondering about that title………so I’m finishing up tutoring for this semester, and my tutoring student is working on reviewing for his U.S. history class. We’ve been trying different strategies to remember sequences of events, so this one involves setting events to music. This works for me, as I still remember many of my Latin rules because I set them to the theme from Exodus way back when…..

Now yes, there are places where I am stretching this, but generally the words work to the tune. The really scary piece is that I like doing this kind of thing…..

And now, for your listening and reading pleasure….(you can’t help but try and fit it to the song….)

Watergate (to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas)

For the first fact of Watergate

A group of men broke in

to a hotel and the DNC office.


All the plumbers wanted to know

About the Democrats

But they left a piece of tape and got caught.


They were charged with burglary

and didn’t get anything

but had their White House passes.


For the second fact of Watergate

Richard Nixon/Tricky Dick

Was a mean-spirited visionary statesman.


For the third fact of Watergate

Ole Nixon hated liberals

with a nonviolent political violence.


For the fourth fact of Watergate

Audio tapes were normal

But Nixon used them 24/7


They were voice-activated

wanted to keep his tales

because of executive privilege


For the group of plumbers,

Liddy, Hunt and Erlichman

they had to plug up the leaks.


This group of plumbers

was very anti-communist

Went after Daniel Ellsberg


Broke into the psych office

Ellsberg he did take

the Pentagon Papers and released them.


For the next fact of Watergate

Ole Nixon erased the tapes

18 minutes but not the smoking gun.


As the months and years went on

Nixon tried to use the CIA

to force the FBI to stop after him.


For the hush money Nixon paid

to the plumbers

Dean blew the whistle on the tapes.


The burglars took the fall but

on April 23

Nixon fired a bunch of people.


For the next fact of Watergate

A.G. Richardson created prosecution

led by Archibald Cox.


For the next fact of Watergate

there was a constitutional crisis

leading to the Saturday Night massacre.


Nixon fired Rich and Cox

in October 73

but then resigned cause he couldn’t win


The Senate vote for impeachment

So Nixon flew away

Without support to let him off the hook.


thus endeth the saga of Watergate….I would LOVE to know any changes you would make!!


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