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More Superb TAFA Eye Candy – GORGEOUS!!!

I am so enjoying getting to know my fellow artists on the Textile and Fiber Art List. There is such a wealth of talent on this list – over 450 artists from 35 countries. And the list keeps growing! If you are at all involved in fiber and textiles, you owe it to yourself to belong to this growing, important organization. We’ll just be getting better and better! Here goes some new members:

From Beryl Moody: “I’m a weaver, spinner, dyer and knitter and use the natural beauty of my surroundings on Banner Mountain (my home) as inspiration for my work.  My handwoven and knitted works are all one of a kind and I often use yarns spun and dyed by me in my creations. I design  my own weaving designs with computer software and then translate that design to the loom in colors and textures that are unique to each piece I weave. Each year I take on new challenges to explore  new aspects of fiber art.  I find that this keeps me thinking in new directions and keeps my work from becoming static.” Banner Mountain Textiles

From Barbara Harms: “Coming from an art background, I was attracted to the colors and textures of fabric.This drew me into the world of quilting. I loved every step in the process. In time my inner artist began to emerge.I missed the complete freedom of expression and creativity that art affords.Quilting is an art form. Still it does have it’s limitations. I found inspiration from the many quilt and fiber artists who pushed the boundries which separates art and quilting, creating a new art form. I began to experiment as well. Silk painting could be called the backbone of my work.That’s the starting point.After I have dyed or painted my silk, the result generally determines the direction I will go with this piece.With the backdrop in place, I begin to build layers of color and texture,using applique, thread-painting and quilting. I love using the traditional techniques of quilting in a non-tradtional way to create a contemporary art quilt.I have the best of both worlds and I’m able to satisfy my need for creative expression. It’s my goal to keep expanding my expertise in new areas, be fearless and try new things keep my work fresh.” Barbara Harms Fiber Art

From Barbara McKie: “My work tends to be grouped in several themes: nature, particularly floral and birds with landscapes, but also other animals including people, often with a whimsical element, and abstraction with surface design elements are often included. I combine all types of fabric manipulation: painting with dyes on fabric, and disperse dye computer transfers, shibori, immersion died fabric, and more recently thread painting. I often include trapunto in my work. Almost all of my work is for sale, and I have many more pieces on my website I also do commissions. All of my work consists of white fabric that I have manipulated in some way to create the design, and most works contain computer imagery from my garden or from my travels based on my own photography printed on polyester fabric. I like to combine realism with abstraction in many of my pieces.” Barbara McKie

From Barbara Olson: “Milestones in my career are having my piece “In The Beginning” chosen as one of the best 100 American quilts of the century. Another is the book I authored “Journey of An Art Quilter” being published. I present art quilt workshop and creative development lectures. “ Barbara Olson

From Abit and Catherine: “Textile smitten (treasure hunter + global nomad designer/writer) = a creative force for bridging cultures. Together we combine our talents into Bazaar Bayar, a workshop in Istanbul’s Old City, to support local unsung artisans: women who still weave, knit, and crochet in the traditions of timeless Turkish handcrafts. Our mission:

  • Saving ‘endangered’ handmade textiles,
  • Reviving + reinterpreting disappearing handcrafts,
  • Employing local women artisans,
  • Promoting cultural exchange between Turkey + our global visitors. Bazaar Bayar

Enjoy, and be sure to visit the list any time you want – there are a lot of artists to admire!


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