Thoughts for a Thursday

Yes, I am working, slowly, on a couple of pieces, trying to finish them up. I am inspired by what I saw at Superior Threads’ School of Threadology in April. I now have a wholesale account, and I certainly need some new threads to finish a couple of projects. I am also using the “crappy” stuff to start some thread fabric for a cape pattern I saw. I find all it takes is a little inspiration looking at other quilts and I am raring to go on new projects. But – I have other things to do, like backing up photo files, cleaning out files, working on three other websites, and finishing out the school year.

So here’s some eye candy from my three days at the School of Threadology – oh, to be able to do that kind of quilting! One of these days….

Pele and Hawaii - amazing thread painting

Heather and Bob Purcell collect quilts that 1) use their threads, and 2) showcase amazing machine quilting. You can learn so much just by viewing all the details in each quilt, front and back. One of the things I learned was that it’s okay to match color thread on the back with stuff on the front. Too often quilters use threads that match the backing and then show through in ways that don’t work. It’s okay to use what works back and front.

Closeup of Hawaii

This gold quilting in the next two shots needs to be seen to be believed. The quilting just shines, and there is so much of it! I like being able to fill the spaces available, and I am slowly getting more ideas on how to do this.

Amazing threadwork!

Can I just master this to start???

I’d like to be able to do this kind of feathering – nice and simple, and with variegated threads it should be gorgeous.

Nice, simple, and elegant....

The Superior Zebra - truly amazing!

This is the Superior Zebra, done especially for the booth, and the zebra is completely thread painted. Amazing really doesn’t cover the art and technique in this quilt.

So much to quilt, at least it’s almost summer break!

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