Another Monday….

So I managed to let a week go by, and I said I wouldn’t do that again. I want to write about Rosetta Stone. I had it installed on my computer at school so I could learn Spanish. And I love it! It is so different from how I remember learning French in high school, and since I spent time learning about structured English immersion, I find I am experiencing many of the same stages.

Yet it’s different. I am so used to working with grammar, memorizing vocabulary, and having to think through from Spanish to English, and then back again. With Rosetta Stone, after 3 lessons, I have a good vocabulary, an ability to speak in complete sentence (still present tense), and I don’t seem to need to translate from Spanish to English. The program is strong repetition, all accompanied with pictures, so you are constantly hearing and seeing without having to think about it.

So I am hoping by the end of the school year to have a full year under my belt, and then spend time over the summer listening to some of the Spanish stations. Hey – I passed my math test, now I need another hobby!

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