I’m really tired, and I think I realized today I had to slow down and take it easy. So today has turned out to be more quiet. I’ve really wanted to nap, but I’m teaching tomorrow morning, and if I nap now, I’ll have trouble falling asleep, and then I’ll be even more tired tomorrow morning when it’s time for algebra. So I bought a new book for the iPad (Barbra Streisand’s biography) and stretched out on the couch.

I am SO tired of political ads, which are getting nastier and nastier. This is the first presidential election that I have contributed money to, and I will be SO glad when it’s done…it’s been going on for two years already.. It’s ugly, ads are ugly, people are lying all over the place, and not once has global warming been mentioned in this election, as we deal with the super storm Sandy.

Today was one of those days I had to remind myself I’m retired. I’ve done lists for the last four weeks. This week’s list is definitely shorter, but there are still projects that need to be finished. Hey, it’ll happen when it happens. The pattern will get written when it does.

The biggest issue has been serious eye strain…both in the eye that doesn’t work anymore and the good eye. I evidently can’t do some of the really close sewing (the ugly white polyester project that I am close to finishing) because I can’t see for several hours afterwards. Not only that, I bled on the white polyester…..So I’ve figured out a way to finish the project by just making it somewhat smaller. I still have lots of sewing in me…I’m evidently going to need to watch the type of project I take on.

And I’m slowly starting walks around the block again, and doing some standing yoga poses, as the leg is FINALLY healing. This has been extremely frustrating, as I was doing an hour of yoga each day. Nothing in almost four weeks.

So what happens this week happens. Little by little I will get the website changes done. I’ll slowly work on projects, play some more solitaire, read some more books, visit with friends, and generally take it easy.

2 Responses to “Tired……”

  • It’s hard to know when to slow down. But our bodies will do it for us if we don’t. I’ve been pushing it so hard that my body shut down last night. I laid down for a short nap at 4 and woke up this morning at 9:30.

  • I can so ID with that! Obviously you needed that!! We’ll remind each other to keep ourselves sane and rested.

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