Sharpening and Lesson 6

Reading through Lesson 6 makes me realize all the things I did wrong when I undertook over Christmas to scan all the photos for a disk – and get rid of the originals. Didn’t know about destructive edits, and now most of what I have is too small for prints – I guess it means I will just have to take more photos!

I’ve started with a photo of the two of us taken at Saguaro Lake about seven years ago. Not a great photo, can’t see much of me, and the photo got stuck under glass, so there is a lot of damage.

I did all the adjustments and levels before cropping. i have always cropped using the rectangular marquee, and I didn’t reaize the options within the crop tool. I like that. I also did a lot with the clone stamp, trying to get rid of the dust particles. Overall I am happy with the new photo. I liked the part in this lesson about resizing – I have been coming to some of these ocnclusions as I work through the lessons, so this is really making some sense now.

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