Teaching Perspective

I started an assignment on perspective last week, with really very little idea of how to teach this. I stumbled onto it by way of preparing a worksheet, since I had a substitute in my class on Monday, and I would need to have something for the kids to do. I found a site on line about perspective, and I really liked it. Drawing One-Point Perspective is a nice step-by-step for the kids. I printed out the “map grid” of lines and decided to do a worksheet for the kids, so that they could fill in the various lines. Turns out that was a great map, and the kids could now keep that as a “template” and create the furniture for their “dream room.”Most of the kids have really gotten in to creating fun stuff – with the help of this site, which actually takes them a line at a time.

What I was discovering was just how much math vocabulary we were working with. Vertical, horizontal, and parallel were definitely reinforced! And I am tempted now to try some drawing. Understanding the relationship of the lines to create depth is just fascinating – and I stumbled on a way of teaching it.

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