I Think This Will Work…..

I created my DVD and burned it to disk – it’s winding its way to Suzan today. I woke up during the night thinking about putting it online so we can see it and discuss it easier. I just created a slideshow in iPhoto, saved it to the desktop, and now I am going to attempt to add it to this blog……

Okay – first attempt didn’t work…..error….I’ll try again…..okay – I tried through Contribute, and still nothing- I suppose after this time I can do the eUpLoads that I used for my little banner. Hmmmm…

Okay – nothing works, but I do have a great screen saver – so much detail shows that you don’t normally see in the actual jpgs. I think I’ve stopped to look at it at least three times already today. This is good stuff – and I was able to tell one of them definitely needs more work, as it is flat, doesn’t have the texture that the others do.

So tomorrow I will set myself some artistic goals, especially since stuff came for a show at the Phoenix Art Museum. It has overall been a really good creative year. One of my goals for so many years was to learn Photoshop, and while I am no expert, I sure know a lot more than I did a year ago! I feel momentum – now I have to plan for it to continue…..Happy New Year!

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